Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Final Friday Feeling Fabulous in Florence.

My post from yesterday only made it until 10:30 in morning but wowza yesterday was quite a long day. I had a mini panic attack about leaving yesterday. I finally found a dress to wear on the red carpet with shoes in all. Last night we were going to go to our favorite mexican restaurant but were turned away and instead headed to a little Italian restaurant down the street. I took the night to relax while the girls went out. I woke up relatively early this morning to do a final load of laundry. For my program in Cannes, they recommended that we bring business cards with us. So last night I spent a majority of the evening designing my claim to fame. Luckily there was a print shop in town that could make my cards for me, but unfortunately the smallest quantity they could print was 250. So an hour after bringing in my file, I walked out with 250 business cards. Who wants a business card? I met the girls at the San Lorenzo market so I could introduce them to the worlds most delicious panino. You got it, Gusto Panino. GUUUSTTO PANNINNO (gorilla thats for you!) We took our panini's to Bobobli and baked in the bobobli. Its just gorgeous. We sat in a new spot that I had never been before, that over looks the entire city. I peaced out of the park around 4 to do some last minute shopping. I finally found the one and only Firenze shirt, I had been eyeing all semester (they just didn't have my size) I purchased my last few gifts, bought some fresh new undies. Because our reservation wasn't until later, my stomach was starting to rumble, I picked up appetizers at the Centro. Tomato, mozzarella, walnuts and pears was just what we need on this fine final friday in florence. We had reservations at 9:00 for one of my favorite restaurants in Flo Yo. El Gatto. It has the worlds best balsamic vinegar and bread. It was an easy choice for my last night here. We chitted and chatted the night away. I headed home to pack up and organize my life. The girls made their way out and I had spa night with a hot shower and a much needed mani and petti, I spent the remainder of my evening watching Sex and The City. Bed time for me. Goodnight Florence. Good night world.

post from the 9th of may in the last day me, the allison blogenberg will be blogging from florence in this year. i love you florence. will you marry me?

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