Monday, May 5, 2008

we be luggin' that luggage.

We woke up early (8:00 early) in order to get everything done before our 2:00 train to Pisa. Today we are leaving for our grand week trip to Dublin, Prague and finally Vienna.  Carolyn Wiedeman is joining the Gorilla and her side kick as we take on the jolly, jolly Irish in Ireland and harsh, harsh Europeans of the Eastside.  It took us over an hour to lug our luggage (hence, luggage is called luggage) down the street to Paul's apartment.  You should of seen us, we were a sight to see and it was pretty much a joke trying to roll four oversized duffel bags down the cobble stone streets of Florence.  The Gorilla and I switched suitcases because I needed a smaller bag for my travels but the Gorilla neglected to mention that the bag had a few issues. For instance, when you try to roll it, it wobbles and topples over.  We finally made it safely and sweatily up the stairs with are luggage.   We had our "last Anna's" sandwich. Well technically it is not our last but technically it was our last as students (on a daily basis last). We hit up the euro store for some traveling gummies, which only lasted as long as it took us to get to our apartment. So much for traveling gummies. We came back to grab the rest of our stuff that we would be taking on our trip and to say goodbye to the Via Dei Ginorites and the Via dei Ginori Palace. It has not hit me yet that when I return from my eurotrip next week that I will not be coming back home to the animals and our pig pin (a pretty pig pin indeed) We said our goodbyes, gave hugs and holler backs to every part of our apartment.  Its a bizarre concept, this whole meeting people, living with people, starting to learn and love people and then the minute you just start to really feel the most comfortable, it is time to go.  As much as I hated, complained, wined and bitched about my roommates, how gross our apartment was, I couldn't have asked for anything better.  At home often I find myself in quest for the perfect everything, in school, with people, and here I didn't have to do any searching for it.  It was just all there.  Before we knew it, we were walking  out the door.  We realized that by the time we said our goodbyes it was already 1:46 and we needed to catch the 1:57 train to Pisa in order to make our flight.  Like all Gorilla and sidekick adventures, we had to start our trip off with a mid afternoon game of dodge and sprint.  In no time at all (we really had no time at all) we made it to the train station, leaped on the train and we were off to Pisa.  I told myself the last time I flew Ryanair that it was going to be the last time I flew Ryanair but for some reason the Gorilla convinced that because Ryanair was based out of Dublin it would be a much more pleasant and an easier adventure.  Indeed it wasn't. We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, only to find out that we had to check my bag (the same bag that I brought Barcelona on Ryanair and did NOT have to check) and pay 20 euro to do so.  We had to get out of line, go to the Ryanair office and pay for the ridiculous fee and then get back in line to get my actual ticket and then we would be able to board the plane.  In a fluster and sporting extremely sassy attitude I stood in line to pay the stupid luggage fee.  I think I must of scared the lady ringing us up because she handed me the receipt and for some reason, she only charged me 2 euro, instead of 22 euro. With a grin on my face, I shut my big mouth, signed the receipt and headed to the gate.  Serves them right I tell you!  So in the end, I decided that I could manage to pay the 2 extra euro and I didn't hate Ryanair so much (they can't help it that they are stupid)  However my hate-o-meter started to rise after a. the man sitting next to us on the plane would not stop staring at us in a creepy way.  It got to the point where it was so uncomfortable that I couldn't handle it.  I turned my head and looked him straight in the eyes with the most evil and devilish glare.  You would think that he would of gotten the drift after my look of death. Not to mention the Gorilla and I also did a cartoon drawing of him getting shot in the head by a super hero. So yeah thats one reason why I still hate Ryanair (for letting skeeze balls on their planes) the other, which I am sure you wouldn't blame me, we almost died and crashed.  I guess it would be that we almost crashed first and then died. But during the landing I have never grabbed the Gorilla's hand so hard. I squeezed Gorilla juice out of her. At last we made it to Dublin and thank the lord my bag was there.  We found out that we had to take a 45 min bus ride to the city center.  At this point we were already over an our late meeting our dear friend Miss Carolyn at the hostel.  She had been in Dublin since 6:00 am this morning just waiting for us.  We finally made it to the Kinlay House hostel at 9:45 pm only to find our little friend waiting for us and a room full (and my full I mean there were two) french boy roommates.  We set our stuff down and headed to the only restaurant that was still serving food.  Of course it had to be Italian.  We played the big game of catch over soups and salads.  We headed back to the hostel for bed because we wanted to be prepared for our grand Irish tour tomorrow.  We came into the room to find our two french roommates giggling over the movie "American Pie".  Not only where they wearing sweaters with embroidered dragons, but one of them was definitely wearing jean shorts. No offense to boys that wear jean shorts.  Next to their beds were remote controls and head scratchers. What a great combination.  We engaged in a Q & A session, mainly it was them supplying the Q's and we providing the A's.  Questions like "do you have cheerleaders or girls like we watch in our porno's in the states?" or "Do all American's drive racing cars?".  The Gorilla started to fall asleep and of the French freaks asked if she wanted to sleep and the other French freak giggled and giggled.  We couldn't figure out what he was laughing about until he told us that in French the word "sleep" means little boy or old mens underwear and I quote "not the sexy kind". Then they proceeded to ask Ada if she needed an extra pillow but instead of saying pillow he said "nipple". So it came out as "aada do you need an extra nipple?".  With in a matter of seconds his face turned red and he started to dig himself out of his big hole.  "I mean pillow". We all started to giggle and by that I mean, I died in my bed.  With a jolly smile on our faces, we decided we had had enough french fun for one night and we hit the sack.

postness from the 25 of april in the year of the 2008, a day of good byes to the best city in the world. oh flo flo yo yo. 

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