Friday, June 20, 2008


12 for the number of minutes left before my computer crashes. 12 for the number of minutes until my flight boards. 12 for the number of pounds I have gained here. 12 for the number of days I have been in Israel. 12 for the number of pounds my bags combined were overweight. 12 divided by 2 is the number of months I have been away. 12 +1 is the number of countries I have been in the past 6 months.

I fear for the world that I am about to enter, where automobiles and cellular devices rule the world. where chain resturants are the only thing the creatures know, and the idea of stress and impatience were born. I am not sure what to expect of this world I was once so familiar with. What I know now is a lot more than I knew then. What I know about myself, the world, the things I like, I desire, I smell, I eat. Although in 12 minutes my journey in the 12 divided by 2 month adventure will end, my thoughts, my feelings, my blog-enberg instincts will not. I must say good bye because my 12 minutes are ticking away. Goodbye Israel, Goodbye Europe, we shall meet again. I am the worlds luckiest person.

This is me now. 12 divided by 2 months later, 12 pounds heavier.

see woah see woah

post from the 20/21 first of June in the year 2008 in my holyland.

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