Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Planning To Become a Greek Goddess.

I slept in until 11:00 today not knowing that I had slept in until 11. Last night was a quite an adventure and when you get stuck in a club until 4:30 am, it is only appropriate to sleep in. I headed straight to the art school to get all of my nitty gritty things done before my departure on Saturday. I had a "planned" my trip to Greece, I just hadn't booked it. I am not even sure if what I had planned is the right thing to plan but I guess you never know until you get there. So as of now (unless Quintin Tarintino decides that he needs to me stay on to be an intern for him for the summer and then maybe these plans will change) After Cannes, I will be heading to Paris for two nights before making my way to Greece to meet the Packster of all Packs (not the besty best but the next down the line in the Pack sibling lineage) Andrea and I will spend two days in Athens and then we will set sail to Mykonos for two days, and then we will hop on over to Santorini for three days. Now I just need to get a hold of Andrea to let her know of our plans. Surprises are always good. After I become a Greek Godness, I will come back to my motherland (well at least kinda close) to Rome for a day and alas, I will be in Israel with the family. I can't wait to be with everyone. I pretty much spent 90% of the day up at the art school figuring this stuff out. I will say it and I will say it. I WILL NEVER BE A TRAVEL AGENT. Check me off the list! I headed over to Paul and Jordan's to pack up my stuff that I am going to take to Rome because I found out that I am going to have to take my stuff to Rome tomorrow and not Friday. For dinner we were going to go to Tijawana for a night of Mexican delight but were turned town. No reservation means, no Mexican food. Italian was our only other option. Starving and cranky we went a restaurant that people have recommended but on a scale of one to delushusness. I would give it a so-so, meh-meh. I attempted to watch some of Love Actually with the girls tonight but had to call it quits because I could hardly keep my head and eyes up. Goodnight Moon.

May 7, 2008. on a wednesday. thats right.

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