Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stuck. Literally.

I spent a majority of the day still in mourning for my lost Gorilla. I headed to the art school to do more Greek planning. I met up with Shelby and Erica for some after noon shopping. If was making my way to Cannes, to the one and only Cannes film festival, it was important to be dressed properly for the red carpet. Yes the red carpet baby. I walked out of Zara empty handed and headed back to the art school for more internet fun. It is hard to be in this city without my apartment, without my Gorilla, but man do I love it here. This is my city. Put your hands up for my city. I love this city. Tonight, for my semi final dinner, we all gathered at Il Latini for another night of stuffed stomachs and delicious laughs. Jordan and Paul joined, me, sara, jess and shelby for dinner of delight. I have become a master of eating at Il Latini, three times a charm, and I was successfully able to not eat to much that my stomach muffin toppled over my jeans. We headed back to the girls apartment to change and prepare for the game of the Grand Opening of Central Park's new summer patio. I never thought that I would allow myself to go back there after last times Nile River disaster, but Erica convinced me that the new patio would lead to no water, and no sketchy men. I believed her and followed her to the Central park fortress of wonder and doom. At 3:30, after way too much dancing, Erica and I were ready to go home. For some reason, Erica and Sara know every club promoter, so they called them prior to our arrival to ensure that we would be able to get in free. Well, their little friends must have forgotten in the 4 hours that we were there they had made this little deal because when we tried to leave they wouldn't let us exit until we had turned in our card. I am sure I have explained this whole "card" process before but just to remind you, the clubs in Florence give you cards when you enter and instead of paying for drinks on the spot, they punch your card and when you exit you pay the entrance fee, and your drink free. Well, when the club promoter escorted us in, he did not give us a card. I am weirdly very good at remembering to keep on to my card. I am normally not responsible for those kinds of things but I have special spot in my wallet that I place it so I won't lose it. My point is, that if I were given a card, I would have kept it but I was never given a card and the bouncers at the door did not seem to understand that. They pushed Erica and I away and would not let us leave. Almost an hour later, with 99 percent of the people gone, and the lights on, we ended up having to pay 50 euro total (25 each). Extremely pissed, and really far from home, Erica and I couldn't find a cab. At one point a man in a car pulled up and offered us a ride and we were going to take it but then saw that a cab was pulling up. Erica said at one point she was sitting in a car-seat. I am sure my mother is having a heart attack, but I only speak the truth. At a quarter to 5 we made it home safe and sound. Luckily there will be no more opportunities for central park madness. Good night world.

May 6th two thousand eats.

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