Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The WEINY Ride.

I woke up to a screaming and shaking Gorilla. "Allison it is 6:00, Allison its 6:00" Our trains leaves in 30 minutes, We're not going to make it" I jumped out of my bed, didn't change my clothes, didn't brush my teeth, and if Alexander-Supertramp had woken up to see the madness, he would have seen the Gorilla completely naked. She literally Gorilla jumped out of her pj's into her clothes. I just stayed in pj's. We raced down stairs. The check out man could see we were in a hurry and jumped off his stool and said "oh well be better check you out as fast as we can" (in the cutest little austrian accent) We hailed a cab in the middle of street and made our way to the train station. What would a Gorilla and sidekick trip be with a good ol' run for our last adventure of the semester. This one was pretty good. We made the train and waited only 5 minutes to hear the captain inform us that the food cart was open. Dying of thirst with red eyes at 6:40 in the morning, we proudly ordered water, coca cola light, apple juice and a croissant. We thought we deserved the liquid treatment after our rush. On our last train ride we discovered how to make the chairs into beds, so ditched the Indiana dork with knitting lisps whom we were originally assigned to sit next to and found ourselves an empty cart. Pull and pull, sleep and sleep. Of course I had no problem going to sleep. With the room filed with feet and farts, I crashed and burned. My eyes literally burned. I went in and out of sleep for almost 4 hours. Around 11:30, I decided I couldn't sleep anymore and the Gorilla and I played gin. Whatever she may tell you, I am the master of gin. She may try to make you keep track in this half stupid (mostly stupid and illogical way). Make sure to tell her she is stupid and to bug off. Thank you come again. We finally made it to Venice around 1:30. We had to transfer in Venice and we were going to take the earlier train but realized that we didn't want to have to deal with the chance of getting kicked off again. Instead, we did what we, Gorilla and sidekick do best, and EAT. We had over an hour to kill, so we walked across the street to dine and literally whine for lunch. What restaurant remains open after they have run out of over 75% of the items on their menu. Well, the one across from the trains station in Meastre Venice seems to. If I was a food critic I would shut that place down. By the time we got our table we were starving so we immediately devoured the bread, not realizing that they didn't have anything on the menu that seemed remotely interesting or delicious. On the Gorilla's (second to last) day, pasta with red sauce was the last thing I wanted her and I to eat but it was too late to walk after the bread was gone. Disgusted with lunch we made our way back to the train station and the Gorilla read to me while we waited for our train to Firenze. Take me home tonight. It is going to be extremely weird going back to Florence and not being able to walk up three flights of stairs to the Animal House on Via Dei Ginori. Tonight we are staying at Paul and Jordan's. We left our luggage there last week and from the looks of the apartment last week, it hadn't been cleaned in 3 weeks. I sure hope they tried to clean it a little bit. We are going to head to Gusto Panino for dinner and then friends bar to use the internet. I am exhausted but so excited to be back in the motherland. Tomorrow lends itself to a big day of final Gorilla and sidekick adventures. After tomorrow, the tales of Gorilla and sidekick end. What will the sidekick be without her Gorilla?

post from the 3 of may in the year two thousand, somewhere between austria and italy.

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