Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Gorilla's Last Day: Final Tales of Gorilla and Sidekick.

We didn't realize this but we some how managed to sleep in. Sleeping in until 10, is considered extremely late for the me and the Gorilla. I am still not sure how we even managed to sleep last night and that we are still alive this morning with out diseases.
Jordan and Paul's beds are disgusting. First off, Paul doesn't even sleep with a bottom or top sheet. From the Gorilla's morbid reactions, I don't think he has washed his pillow since he arrived in Florence 4 months ago. I lucked out that Jordan's bed actually had a bottom sheet but the feeling of the comforter reminded me of those awful days of sleeping in Disney sleeping bags, not being able to sleep because my toenails would get stuck in it. Imagine that feeling but with pimples on top. In the middle of the night, I ended up putting a towel on top of me and below me because I couldn't handle it anymore. I was so desperate, the towel was wet. Bottom line: Gross. Because it was Sunday, Anna's was not opened, so we decided to head to Gusto Panino and then to the Boboli for some final story time reading. Gusto was gusta-licious, as always! They were doing construction our favorite patch of grass in the Boboli, so we moved into a hidden fortress of flowers and weeds. For a while we were the only people in our secret nook. We laid out on the Gorilla's newly purchased Italian flag, with pride indeed. I read to the Gorilla while she made me a crown made of flowers and grass. Together, like princesses, we sat and laughed and watched two little Italian girls play a made up game while their grandmother chuckled on a bench. It was beautiful! Around five, the sun started to come down, and we were rather tired. We slowly made our way back to our neck of the woods. A final romantic dinner was in store for us tonight. We sat outside at Za's Za's and dipped our bread in oil and vinegar, sipped wine and reminisced about the best days of our lives. We headed back to the apartment after our dinner delight so the Gorilla could pack up her belongings and I attempted to clean the boys apartment. I just couldn't handle it anymore. It made me sick. I found the most interesting and disgusting things in their living room. We figured out how to work the internet, so the Gorilla and I sat, like we usually do when the sun goes down and she figured out her plans for tomorrow and I figured out mine for the future. For life. Before we knew it, it was bed time for bonzo's. The sidekick set her head on her pillow. The Gorilla followed. The sidekick giggled and the Gorilla followed. Together the children giggled in their grimy beds. But the children were happy. The children were happy together. The sidekick said goodnight to her Gorilla for the last time and the Gorilla gave her goodnight praises. The two children closed their eyes with a sad and happy smile up on their faces. Their dreams consisted of their finest memories they had shared together. They could have slept for years with all of the memories they had to remember. Goodnight Gorilla. Goodnight sidekick.

post from the fourth of may in saddest day of year, the departure of the gorilla eve, in the year 2008 in the best cittay ever.

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