Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Adventures of Praha: Including Tales of Sweet Toilet Paper Rolls and Lost Gardens.

We woke up rather early because Emmy had class today and we needed her to guide us to the train station so we could buy our tickets to WEIN for tomorrow. We Bohemian bageled it up for breakfast and then off we went. Our main objective for the day was to make it to the top of the St. Vitus Cathedral castle, however we had a few detours a long the way. Emmy gave us a map, sticky noted with all of things we needed to see and how to get from one place to the next but clearly three artsy farts were not going to attack the city by a map, rather intuition was our guide. We made it to the center of town, took plenty of pictures at the Astronomical clock. There was a special Dali and Mucha exhibit at this small gallery right across from the clock. I love Dali and Mucha defined Bohemian, so it all made sense for us to go. I loved it. Oh how I love Dali. On our way to the castle we discovered a mysterious garden and peacocks. Who knew that mysterious gardens in the Czech Republic had wild peacocks. It was quite a paparazzi moment. After crossing the wrong bridge, followed by long upward alley climbs we made it to the top of the castle. It wouldn't have been a true adventure had we not gotten pictures with the guards and hotdogs in no-ending buns. And by no ending buns I mean they took a roll, dug out the inside, and then only opened on side to fit the weenie in. It was pretty gross but in a good way. We stayed up on the top of castle to people watch because the two evil twins, Gorilla and Carolyn refused to go into the doll museum with me. Instead the tortured me and themselves for hours watching people buy what we called "sweet toilet paper rolls". They had this stand where men in funny pants made hot rolls of dough covered in cinnamon and sugar from a hut. It reminded me of something you would buy at a Renaissance festival. For a while we just watched and made voice over impressions of what they people where saying as they ate their Sweet TP rolls. It came to the point that they wouldn't leave until they had one of the hot rolls in their mouth, however they refused to pay for one. I being the nice innocent friend, tried to see if the two men would give me one for free if they knew that it was a bet to see if I could get one. In the heat of the moment, I caved in a bought a sweet tp roll after they looked at me confused because they didn't know what the meaning of the word "bet" was. Completely unsatisfied, and definitely not worth two euro or the hype, we finally headed back down into town. In order to get my money back, I told the Gorilla that I was going to sell her kisses to earn my two euro back. I wasn't completely success nor was she willing to follow through with her promises, but have no fear I will get my money back. We made it home for naps and more laughs. I got deemed the crack baby for the week and by that I mean, Emmy's bed is two twin beds put together and the Gorilla and Carolyn are evil friends and told me I had to sleep in the crack. Thats why I am crack baby. They are truly evil people. We fell asleep to our high school friends, Misha Barton and Adam Brody, in their one hit wonder, the OC. We made it to a rather late dinner down the street before making our way over to one of Emmy's friends house for a little preparation before the game. Apparently we got in a fight with one of Emmy's friends the night before, even though we didn't know it was a fight. I think we might of come off rude after one her friends tried to pull another "oh, your from Kansas" joke and we all lashed out, but thats all I can think of. Any whoo, it was sufficiently awkward seeing her friends again but luckily we were only there for a short time before making our way out for the night. Tonight we made the Hajj to Mecca, literally. There is this club in Prague called Mecca and it was indeed incredible. There were two dance floors. One that played crazy techno drug music and another that played classic 80's music. Emmy and I danced the night away while the Gorilla and Carolyn pop locked and dropped it. It wasn't until 4:30 when Emmy and I called it quits and we rounded up the troops to go home. It took us nearly an hour to try to find a cab. It is a bizarre thing, this whole cab business. In the glorious city of Florence it is very rare to take a cab, but in Prague it's the way to go. However you can only take a cab if you call one. Emmy waited on the phone for 30 minutes only to find out that our cab was never ordered. We finally convinced a poor cab driver to take us home. Good night and good morning.

post comes from 30th of April in Prague, Czech Republic.

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