Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We woke up early this morning to grab a bite to eat and walk around the city before heading to the land of wonder and bohemian madness, Pra-ha-Pra-ha. In the mix of eating a delicious breakfast, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper, we discovered that today was Ben and Jerry's free cone day. What more could three food crazy freaks want to do with their day. Obviously we had time to kill before our flight, so we did what every food hungry sweets craving travelin fool would have done and we walked quite a distance to find the one and only free cone day. It would be a lie to say that we didn't stand in line for nearly 45 minutes but what else were we going to do with our time? Play more gin? After a few rattle rattles and clink clinks the Ben and Jerry's free cone day trailer opened and out popped cups and cups of free ice cream. They technically lied because they served cups and not cones but I don't hate them for that, Fish Food Ben and Jerry's is on my list for top 100 foods I love. We waddled our fat butts back to the hostel, collected our bags and we were off to the airport. Our flight didn't leave until 4:10 but had to get there 2 hours in advance and the airport was a good 45 minutes away. We finally landed in Prague at 8:10 and with Emmy's grand directions, we hopped in a cab and made it over to her apartment in the Jewish Quarter. It was so nice to see Emmy again and it was even more exciting to be in Prague. I was debating whether to study in Prague or Florence and although I wouldn't change my decision ever, I was excited to see what this crazy country was all about. Emmy lives in this darling apartment, in a beautiful part of town. We were starving by the time we arrived, so we dropped our bags and headed to her favorite cafe, The Bohemian Bagel. How appropriate! Delicious indeed. It was actually one of the best and greenest things I have had in a while. We all showered up and hit up the bars for a night on the town in the city of Prague. Apparently Tuesday nights are what they call "chill" nights in Prague, so we headed to this bar hidden in the depths of a basement. I don't remember the name but it was exactly what I thought of a "chill" place. Weird isn't it? We sipped wine and talked up storm. There are surprisingly a lot of students from Michigan studying in Prague so we were able to catch up on life, as well as meet some of Emmy's new friends. The night was not complete without Prague's infamous street meat. It tastes just as terrible as it sounds. It is probably worse for you than it tastes. I doubt the Prague-ites call it "street meat" but that is what the Americans call it. Through out all of Prague there are these little stands that sell hot dogs, and friend chicken patties until the wee hours of the nights. I devoured my street meat for the pure purpose of the "experience" and nothing more. Do not judge me. We made it home with heart burn in all. Ciao Ciao!

Postness from the 29th of April in the Year 2008 in the country of the Czech Republic in the city of Prague.

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