Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coffee Break.

We woke up rather late this afternoon, exhausted from our Blarney adventures. We went to this delicious breakfast place called the Elephant Castle on the main road. We attempted to walk around but were too tired to do much more touring, not to mention the rain put a little damper on our inner desire to seek out adventures. We hit up a cute little coffee shop to write, draw and read. Before we knew it it was already 5 oclock and we decided to head back, pick up a few beers along the way and go back to the hostel to play cards. The drink we had ordered the other night were almost 10 euro a pint and at the grocery store they were 6 beers for 6 euro. Embarrasing, I tell you. The card gaming didn't last very long because topics on life and living and deep thoughts filled the air. We talked and talked about issues big and small and rather deep if you ask me. Our thoughts and talks lasted longer than we expected and before we knew it, it was already 9 o'clock. We ran into the same problem as we had had the past few nights and no restaurants seemed to be open when we wanted them to be. We tried to go to the little Italian place again but ended up getting turned away. We secretly think they make up times as to when their restaurant is opened. Instead we went to another Italian restaurant down the street. Greens filled my stomach and it was delightful. We made it an early night. Luckily tonight we didn't have roommates and we were able to go to bed with out any distractions. Tomorrow we are off to Prague. The Eurotrip continues.

this post comes from a day in April, the 28th to be exact in the year of 2008 in the city of Dublin, in the country of Ireland.

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