Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Most Depressing Day Ever.

Well maybe thats not true. I was pretty depressed when Heath Ledger died, but nothing could equal the pain and sorrow of the Gorilla departing from her beloved sidekick. Alas, the Gorilla and Sidekick stories ended to today. This blog will not be the same without her, Florence will not be the same without her. We woke up very earlier from a grimy beds in order to get our last minute important/must do Florentine favorites before the Gorilla departed. Number one on our list, Anna's. But because Anna's isn't open at 8:00 in the morning, we decided to move down to our number 2 item on the list- dried fruit. I tried dried peaches today and they were delightful. Then we headed to Anna's. For the record. This was the last time the Gorilla and I would be eating Anna's so we had to do what was necessary to for our taste buds and souls. I told the Gorilla that I couldn't go to Anna's with out her. It is our place and I wouldn't be caught dead with any other person there, so we ordered 3 sandwiches. One for each of us and then one to split. There have been way too many times where we have left Anna's wishing for another but we never actually did it and today we wanted to be so stuffed from Anna's that we would never want another (clearly we would always want another but the final memory of Anna's had to be one so gratifying and powerful) Indeed it was. We were too embarased to tell Anna that we were going to be eating them at 10:00 in the morning so we asked for them to saying that they "were for later". We rushed home so fast and down our Anna's. Our whole theory about getting 3 sandwiches was brilliant. The Gorilla called a cab for 10:15 and then we dragged her stuff down the stairs and with in a matter of minutes (or what seemed like seconds, even mili seconds) she was gone. Just like that. I was a mess and cried for a good 20 minutes by myself in Jordan and Pauls sick nasty apartment. Italy also cried for the loss of the Gorilla. It rained a good part of the day, so I decided to stay in and catch up on life aka become a blogging master. I am almost a month behind in posting (although I have all the entries, I have had to write them in my journal while I have been traveling, so it takes a lot longer) 5 hours went by, and before I knew it was 5:30. Erica and Sara returned from Croatia today, so I headed over to their clean and delightful apartment with all my stuff (well thats a lie, I only brought over the stuff I was going to be needing for the week because it would be too much of a hassle to bring everything) We went to Aqua Al Due for dinner and then I crashed on their couch watching mean girls.

post from may the 5th, the day the gorilla departed her sidekick. the day the world will never forget. in the year 2008.

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