Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Tribute To The Gorilla.

I call her a Gorilla because she is a Gorilla
She eats really fast cause she got a czecki bill ya.
Her arms make a clap clap, her feet smell like vinegar
She has explosive ass and she loves it when I pester her

She is aggressive and I am passive
She doesn't fit in her bed, the gorilla she is massive
She loves gummies, diet coke and crack balls
The kick back and face plant are her most infamous falls

She tells me I snore and refuses to admit that she love cheese
He favorite words: Anna's, peach tea, fragola and kiwi please.
I gave her her favorite scare and put the first mark on her shoes
She says she ain't religious but she loves all the jews.

She is my Gorilla and I am her sidekick.

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